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What we do


Thatched Roof Construction

We have earned the reputation to deliver service, quality and produce within required time constraints, all which can be verified by clients, engineers, architects, contractors and private individuals.

Structural Design

Thatch-It offers a service in providing detailed CAD structural drawings, specifications and bills of material for thatch structures, and makes use of an independent structural engineer specializing in analyzing and certifying our structural drawings, where required by the client.


Thatch-It will construct other structures using poles, sawn timber, steel or a combination of these. Various configurations and combinations of laths and roof coverings can be used to suit the client including waterproofed lightweight concrete slabs, clear polycarbonate, steel or tiles. We construct, amongst other, wooden decks, boardwalks, bridges, balustrades, mezzanines, pergolas, carports, stairs and screens:

Fire protection

We use Specialised Fireproofing as a supplier for fireproofing.s a company Specialised Fireproofing has been involved in the application of passive fire retardant coatings and chemicals for the past 20 years. Specialized Fireproofing applicants a range of fire retardant coatings used to protect thatch, material, timber, and fabric.

Architectural site carpentry:

We have been involved with various projects over the years. Send us your requirements for a quote. Please peruse the miscellaneous gallery for work completed.